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Friday, July 19, 2019



Please bring your Mission offerings on the 4th Sunday of each month

Monthly Mission for July-Grace Children’s Hospital and Pediatric Clinic in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Reynolds News You Can Use

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Hello Church Family!  Do you use Devotional materials like Upper Room or Daily Bread? Please don't throw them away when you are done! Bring them to church and give to Cindy Knight (or put in her mailbox) and she will take them to The Mobile Chapel at the Petro Truck Stop for Drivers to read and use.

They REALLY need and appreciate them! Recycling at the highest, heavenly level.   Thank you!

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JULY MISSION OF THE MONTH: Grace Children’s Hospital and Pediatric Clinic in Port-au-Prince, Haiti provides care for children and families with tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, respiratory infections, and those impacted by the earthquake. In this area where many live on less than $1/day, the hospital provides much-needed immediate care and follow-up clinical care for children and families.


You can donate any Sunday this month in the offering plate or drop in the red basket on the last Sunday. Make checks payable to "Reynolds Church" with "M.O.M." or "Grace Hospital" in the memo line. Thank you!

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Gary and LeAnne Glabe and their ministry in Haiti.  See their newsletter here!

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Check out our FACEBOOK page "Reynolds Church Ashton Il" for pictures, updates, and learn more about what's going on at Reynolds!!

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 Cookbook Sales Opportunities:  We have several opportunities coming up to sell cookbooks (and other memorabilia) where we will need volunteers to work the table. Please see Cindy for more information 

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 A BIG Thank You to all the people who helped fund raise, gave private donations

and to the Verle Burhenn and Jeff Weishaar Memorials.